Malaga Airport to Sevilla Transfer

Some people say that if the city does not have an access to the sea or any other kind of water such as ocean or a lake they are not worth visiting suring the summer holiday, because there is nothing to do there. Well, it might be right in case of some cities, but it is definitely not true when it comes to the city of Sevilla, which is located in the region of Andalusia in Spain. It is also the capital city of this region. That already should be a reason to think that if this city is a capital city of such a popular tourist region, it should have something special in it and those are not only the offices which are usually being placed in the capital cities. People are often travelling here for a holiday and they are happy about it, because it is a really nice city with a lot of historical value and sights. Sevilla has about 704 414 citizens which are living on the surface of about 141 km². That gives the density of around 4984 people per square meter which is quite fine. Obviously, like in every other city, there are places which are more and less crowded. It is not surprising that if you will go to a very popular part of the town, there will be people there. Sevilla is also popular amongst the young people due to the fact of having a very popular and very good university inside the city. It is a very good place to get knowledge. A lot of people from foreign countries are comming here to study. There is also plenty of students who are comming here for different types of student exchange programs. Thanks to that, city has plenty of student facilities where they can enjouy their free time.

Malaga Airport to Sevilla Transfer

City of Sevilla is located about 219 kilometers from the Malaga International Airport. That distance usually, should be covered in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes. However, it all depends on the conditions on the road. What is more, it also depends on the skills of the driver. We are proud to say, that all of our drivers are real professionals who have great knowledge about the topography of Spain and they will not get lost on their way.

Malaga Airport Arrivals

If you will book yourself a private airport transportation with us, we would like to let you know that our driver will be awaiting you at the arrival hall with your name written on a welcome board. That way, you will not have problems to locate him. He will assist you to the car and he will drive you safely to the door of your hotel. All of our drivers are real gentlemans who are having a great knowledge and skills. All of them are speaking fluent English.

Malaga Airport Departures

Departing from Malaga Airport is as easy as arriving to it. Especially, if you have the service of private airport transportation booked with our company. What we can guarantee is that our driver will pick you up on time at the day of your departure and he will drive you safely to the airport, so you can get to the plane on time. That solution saves a lot of stress, because people are often saying that the last day of holiday is usually the most stressful one.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.