Malaga Airport to Cadiz Transfer

When it comes to Spain as a holiday destination it has a great amount of cities which are a very popular holiday resorts. It might be difficult for some people to decide, which one of them they should choose as their next holiday destination. The truth is, that every place is a little bit different than the other with a bit of uniqueness. The question is, what are you looking for in a holiday destination. We are proud to present you one of the places in which we are offering our services. It is called Cadiz. That city is located in the southwestern part of Spain. It belongs to one of the most popular tourist regions in Spain which is called Andalusia. In the past, the city was famous as a port and it is still working nowadays. However, at the moment the port does not have such a significant meaning when it comes to the economy of that country. It is an important thing to say that Cadiz belongs to the Most Ancient European Towns Network. It is a very prestigious association, because not every city can belong there. That is a confirmation that this city should be a great treat for all of the history fans who are craving to step their foot in a place with great and interesting past. Cadiz is definitely a place like this. There are also people who are comming here to study, because Cadiz has a very popular univeristy located in the city. Walking through the city streets is a great experience and attraction, because the city is full of the remainings from the past such as walls or fortifications. It is also filled with plenty of various plazas where the architecture is really worth seeing. Especially those in the Old Town part are really interesting.

Malaga Airport to Cadiz Transfer

Cadiz is located around 220 kilometers from the Malaga International Airport. It is quite a long distance, but sometimes there is no other connection that to fly into Malaga International Airport. The journey from the Malaga International Airport to Cadiz should last about 2 hours and 30 minutes if there is no heavy traffic on the way and if the road and weather conditions are good. Luckily, our drivers know what to do in all of those situations, so they will get you to your hotel on time.

Malaga Airport Arrivals

People who are arriving for the first time to the airport which they have never visited before might feel confused and lost, because it is a new place and they might not now where to go, especially if they have booked a private airport transfer, they might wonder where they should go to meet their driver. Well, in case of our services it is very easy, because all of our drivers are always awaiting the customer at the arrival hall with a welcome board.

Malaga Airport Departures

People who have arrived to Cadiz through the Malaga International Airport are very often going to leave Cadiz with the use of the same airport. In that case, they will need a transportation from Cadiz to Malaga International Airport. Obviously, they will need to be punctual to be at the airport on time for the check in, so they will not miss their flight. That is why, we recommend to use our services in that case, because our drivers are always punctual and on time.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.