Malaga Airport to Granada Transfer

Spain is a country with great variety of places. Each of them is unique and has something special to offer to their guests. Thanks to that, Spain can be attractive for different types of tourists, because every single one of them can find something here for themselves. For example, if you cannot decide wether you want to go skiing or wether you want to go to take a sunbath and do some swimming in the sea, there is also a place which you should consider visiting. That city is called Granada. It is a very unique place with unique localization. First of all, it is very close to the Sierra Nevada mountains which means that it can be a great stop for you if you are a fan of hiking, but also when the weather is right, you can go skiing or snowboarding or practice any other winter sport over there. What is more, on the other side of Granada, if you will go a little bit to the North on the map, you will notice that it is also very close from Costa del Sol, where you can enjoy the sun, sand and sea. It is a great combination, because one day you can try some mountains and on the other one you can do swimming in the sea to warm up a little bit. There is no better place if you like both of them or if you want to have a compromise with your fellow travellers. Moreover, Granada is a very good place to visit itself. It is a nice city with great story and plenty of proper facilities and infrastructure for tourists, because Granada is actually a very popular tourism resort. For example, when it comes to the sightseeing in Granada there is a palace and a castle and many more interesting architectural sights.

Malaga Airport to Granada Transfer

Granada is located about 136 kilometers from the Malaga International Airport. That kind of distance usually in good road conditions should be covered in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. However, it also depends on the driver, because if someone does not know his way, he can get lost and make the journey last much longer. All of our drivers are well trained and with a great knowledge about the topography of the country, so there is no chance that they will get lost.

Malaga Airport Arrivals

People who are using our services are very often asking about what to do after landing. Well, we can suggest that you should get your luggage and after that you will find out, because our drivers are waiting at the arrival hall with welcome boards. On a welcome boards they have written the name of the customer which they are suppose to pick up. That way it is very easy to locate them. From that moment they will be taking care of you until you get to your hotel.

Malaga Airport Departures

People who are departing from Granada to get back home are also able to book themselves a private airport transportation with us. In our company all of the services work both ways, which means that you can easily do the same route the other way around and pay the same price. People often are stressed on the last day of their holiday, because of the fact that they have to pack and be on time. Well, with us there is no stress, because we will pick you up and deliver you on time.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.